The Third Advisory Board
February 26-28, 2005, Cracow

The third Advisory Board of PROFOREST Centre of Excellence was held on February 26-28, 2005 in Cracow. There were present AB members from internal and external part,leaders of tasks realized in second year of Centre activity, and representative of National Contact Point to EU Research Programmes.

The first session of the meeting began on Saturday evening. Project coordinator Prof. Zbigniew Sierota welcomed all participants and officially started the third meeting of the PROFOREST Advisory Board. Then, technical project coordinator M.Sc. Marta Topczewska presented general overview of Centre activities in its second year (01.04.2004 – 31.03.2005) concentrated on its major achievements and progress in goals realization. Main part of the first session was leaders’ presentations of their tasks fulfillment.

On Sunday morning the second session started with tasks’ leaders presentations continuation followed by AB members remarks and comments to form and content of draft report from Year 2. At the end, Dr Maria Antosiewicz from National Contact Point presented possibilities of project elongation and participation in EU networks.

The third session started with short closed AB Members meeting when conclusions on current project state were elaborated. Advisory Board noted with satisfaction meaningful progress in individual tasks: there were more objectives met than in previous year, information of carried on events (workshops, conferences) were well advertised through well-known web sites (e.g. IUFRO calendar meeting), Centre’s web page was significantly developed and up to date with actual and incoming events and occurring publications, PROFOREST activities were promoted by leaflet second issue publication and putting short inserts to IUFRO e-notes and IUFRO News. The meeting was finished by AB members (Prof. Fredrik Schlyter, Prof. François Lieutier, Dr Benoît Marçais) presentations of their institutions and their research work.

List of the Third Advisory Board meeting participants:

Project coordinator – Prof. Dr Zbigniew Sierota

    Members of AB external part:
  1. Prof. Timo Karjalainen (Finland) – AB Chairman
  2. Prof. François Lieutier (France).
  3. Dr Benoît Marçais (France).
  4. Prof. Ladislav Paule (Slovak Republic).
  5. Prof. Fredrik Schlyter (Sweden).
  6. Dr Petr Zahradnik (Czech Republic).
    Tasks leaders and cooperatives:
  1. Dr Wojciech Grodzki.
  2. Dr Jacek Hilszczański.
  3. Dr Marcin Jachym.
  4. Dr Jan Kowalczyk.
  5. Prof. dr Stanisław Niemtur.
  6. Dr Tomasz Oszako.
  7. Dr Józef Piwnicki.
  8. Dr Iwona Skrzecz.
    PROFOREST Office:
  1. M.Sc. Marta Topczewska – technical coordinator
  2. M.Sc. Małgorzata Oszako.
Guest – Dr Maria Antosiewicz, National Contact Point to EU Research Programmes

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