Instructions to Authors

 (Requirements are the same like for journal or FRI “Leśne Prace Badawcze”)

Manuscripts should not exceed 22 pages (A4 size) of standard typescript.



The author name should be accompanied with the name and address of the institution where the work was done, as well as with the telephone, fax numbers and e-mail address of the author.  



The title should be short and concise, avoiding such words as “study”, “works”, and „investigation”.



Abstract in English or Polish of no more than 20 lines should contain the most important information on methods and results. It is followed by keywords, both in Polish and English.



The main body of the article should follow the general rules of scientific writing. The Introduction should define the scope of the work in relation to other relevant works done in the same field. In the Material and Methods the description of experiments shall allow their replication. Plants or animals must be identified with taxonomic and common names. Abbreviations might be used if necessary, however the full description should follow their first use. The use of International System of Units (SI) is accepted only. Results should be presented with clarity and precision, followed by Discussion containing interpretation of results. Finally the Conclusions sum up the work done and point out the main achievements.



Literature citations in the text should contain the author and the year of publication (in brackets). In the case of more than two authors, only the first one should be named in the text, followed by the phrase “et al”. At the end of the paper, under the “References” heading all items mentioned in the text should be placed in alphabetical order under the first author’s name, citing all authors. Names and titles written in Cyrillic alphabet should be given in transliteration according to the PN-83/N-01201 standard. It is recommended to refer to the reviewed publications only.



Adding a summary to the paper is necessary. It will be published in English and on request in author’s native language (but not in Polish). It is desired to have an author’s translation of the summary to avoid the use of erroneous terminology. This translation will be verified. At least a short terminological glossary should be needed.


Tables, figures and illustrations

Tables should be prepared separately, out of the text. Figures, black-white as a rule (in 2 copies) should be camera ready, taking not too much space. If a figure is to be minimized in size, its legend should be big enough to make it readable after minimizing. Due to the necessity of putting paper title as well as table and figure captions or descriptions into English, extended table heads and sides must be avoided. Concerning figures – wordy information should be given in figure captions rather than in descriptions over the figure. Giving English terms used in figure description is desirable.