Prof. Dr Zbigniew SIEROTA
Deputy Director of the Forest Research Institute in Warsaw, Poland
Head of Forest Phytopathology Department

Research Interests:
• the biological and integrated control of pathogens
• monitoring of forests

International Experience:
• FAO Fellowship at Hessen Forest Res. Institute, Hann. Muenden 1987 (4 months)
• Consultations at Environmental Institutes in Japan 1989 (1 week)
• Consultations at Forest Research Institutes in Hungary, Germany, Finland, Czech
Republic, Slovakia, France (1-2 weeks)

Publications ( 5 recent ):
  1. Sierota Z.; 2001. Efficiency of Phlebiopsis gigantea in PgIBL preparation to control the root rot Disease in threatened Scots pine stands in the last decade of 2000. Bull. Pol. Acad. Sci. Biol. Sci. Vol.49, No 3: 197-202
  2. Sierota Z.; 2002. Costs and effects of biological control of root rot in Poland. In: Proc. IUFRO WP7.02.01.„Root and Butt Rots of Forest Trees”. Eds.: Laflamme G., Berube J.A., Bussieres G.; Micromedia Ltd, Ottawa 2002
  3. Sierota Z., Kolk A., 2002. Pro-ecological methods of protection in managed forests of Poland. Health status of forests in Poland.. Nauk. Visn.12.8 Lviv, 89-92.
  4. Małecka M., Sierota Z., 2003. Threat and risk assessment of root and butt rot disease In a stand on post-agricultural land/ En. Summ.. Sylwan 11; 12-25
  5. Sierota Z., Małecka M., 2004. Modification and costs of the biological control of the root rot disease as compared with the traditional method/ En. Summ. . Sylwan 4: 34-39.

Prof. Z. Sierota is author of a hundred publications and a patent in biological control of fungi.

Other Activities:
• Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS) - Scientific Secretary of the Forest Science Committee
• Polish Phytopathology Society - Chairman of the Section on Tree Diseases