Dr. Jacek Hilszczański
Senior researcher in the Department of Forest Protection, Forest Research Institute.

Research interests:
Bark beetle management,
Natural enemies of bark- and wood-boring insects,
Biology and taxonomy of the parasitoids (Ichneumonoidea) of bark- and wood-boring insects.

International experience and memberships:
Internship at the British Museum of Natural History in London concerning “The taxonomy and biology of Parasitic Hymenoptera”, Nov.-Dec. 1995.
Advanced Forest Pest Management Course, Sault Ste Marie, Canada, Dec. 1996.
Practice in bark beetles management, US Forest Service, Colorado and Utah, USA. Aug.-Nov. 2000.
Member of Polish Entomological Society, Silesian Entomological Society.
Post-doc concerning „Saproxilic insects conservation”, Umea, Sweden, May 2003 – May 2004.

    Publications ( 5 recent ):

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  2. Hilszczański J. 2002. Polish xoridines and their host association (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Xoridinae). Parasitic Wasps: evolution, systematics, biodiversity and biological control. Proc. of Symposium Koszeg, Hungary May 2001. (eds. Melika G. i Thuroczy C.) 294-298.
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