The Virtual Network ‘FORESTS’

      The Polish National Contact Point to the EU Framework Program (6FP) and Polish scientists responsible for establishing the Polish Networks of Excellence in the priority 6.3 'Global change and ecosystems', invite you to join our Virtual Network ‘FORESTS’.
    The Virtual Network ‘FORESTS’ is aimed to:
  • help Polish units in joining common projects and Networks of Excellence in 6FP,
  • exchange information concerning Polish research projects in forestry area,
  • enhance the capacities of Polish forest researchers and their integration with other projects in EU Member and Candidate countries.
      We understand virtuality as a presence of information in the Internet, in the form prepared by the Network Co-ordinator. This fact assumes a high level of trust from Network members to the Co-ordinator. Thanks to this, administration activities connected with the management of the Network will be reduced to a minimum, especially in the first stage of the Network existence.
      We eagerly invite you to join our network if the subject and range of your project, in your opinion, fit to the virtual network idea. The research in forest and forestry area have a big importance for regional rural development, proper and sustainable forest development and environment protection. We are sure that your experience will be valuable and positive in these topics.
      Now, our goal is to get and exchange information concerning scientists and current scientific projects in forestry area. We would be grateful for information also from other countries. Our mutual contact will foster cooperation in forestry field all over Europe. Surely, the exchange of experience will help us to find solutions to forest-related problems of national and local significance.
      Prof. dr hab. Zbigniew Sierota is the person coordinating the Virtual Network ‘FORESTS’. He was proposed and accepted by members of the Polish Centres of Excellence at the meeting in Warsaw on 29-30 April 2002. Please find below his address:

Prof. dr hab. Zbigniew Sierota
Coordinator of the VN 'Forests'
Forest Research Institute
ul. Bitwy Warszawskiej 1920 r., No 3
00-973 Warsaw, Poland
phone: +48 22 8234565; fax +48 22 8224935
internet site:

Contact persons:
dr Gustaw Matuszewski:
dr Tomasz Oszako:

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